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I love to sing ♥ I love Jesus ♥ I love Music ♥

😘😘😘 ahhhhh Niall kisses

😘😘😘 ahhhhh Niall kisses

Cherry Blossom


louis thinking about love and the sweetness of it 


louis thinking about harry


I see no difference

And the way Harry looks at him 😍

Harry: Say "Daddy"
Darcy: Mommy
Harry: Daddy
Darcy: Mommy
Harry: Dad-dy.
Darcy: Mom-my
You: Harry you just burnt those cupcakes.
Harry: Oh Shit!!
Darcy: Oh Sh-it!!!
You: Darcy! Who taught you that?!
Darcy: Dad-dy
Harry: *facepalms*


Yes, he is Harry Styles